Hannabear bonding

At Hannabear, we encourage as much bonding at the early stages of a child's life to give them the best start possible.  Research has shown that attachment bonding, breastfeeding and baby wearing all contribute to a healthy bond between parent and baby especially at the early stages.  We have developed the Hannabear Wrap which incorporates all of these needs in one product allowing 'hands-free' bonding even for the busiest of parents.

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Our aim

A new baby to any family can be challenging and nobody has all the answers.

It can be extremely frustrating and daunting, especially as new parents, trying to sift through all the different advice out there from health care workers, teachers and even grandparents.

At Hannabear we do all the research, providing free articles and advice on the most up-to-date information available from many different sources around the world.  From birth to school we aim to make life that little bit easier providing the best advice possible for raising your child.